32 week bumpdate

A few months ago I felt like my pregnancy was flying by, now I can’t believe I still have 2 months left.

Physically, I feel pretty good! I’m still wearing my belt to help with my lower pelvis pain but it’s actually not horrible all day, every single day like it was. I think early on I gained a lot of weight rapidly and that had a lot to do with it. I only gained 1 lb in the last 5 weeks so I’m wondering if that’s why the pain has been easing up a bit. When I have been sitting or laying down it takes me a minute to be able to walk normal, I remember having that with McKenzie too. The baby is head down which I had a feeling because I feel intense pressure every now and then. She weighs about 4 lbs 10 oz and is kicking me like crazy, it stops me in my tracks every so often.

32 Weeks with Baby Girl
32 weeks Pregnant with McKenzie

Mentally, I’m not as emotional as I was. Sometimes I find myself in a fog or irritated easily but I don’t know if that’s pregnancy or quarantine getting to me. Rainy days can get to me but I’m trying to keep busy with my toddler and prepping for baby.

Last week we announced that we found out we are having a girl so I have been in full blown nesting mode! I have a list of my favorite baby products on my amazon store, I’m going to be reusing alot of the products we had for McKenzie which I’m happy we saved everything. I ordered some cute items for the new baby as well. Gowns I found are pretty easy early on when you’re changing the baby every 5 seconds. I ordered some from Kickee pants, one of my favorite baby brands! I also ordered some pajamas and gowns from Spearmint LOVE as well as Burts Bees which both have adorable baby clothes! Some stuff that I ordered won’t arrive for a bit but I will share on my stories what I got once everything arrives!

Last April, when the “Rock and Play” was recalled, I had heard that you can receive either a refund for the product (if you had purchased it 6 months prior to the recall) or you could receive a voucher for a new Fisher Price product. I filled out the form from their website and they then sent me a package to return some parts from the item. It was pretty annoying to take apart, but I did select to receive a new play mat which I probably received 2 months later. To me, it was worth it instead of just throwing the rocker away. I hope this atleast finds one other person that has the rocker laying around! Even if you don’t plan to have any other children, you could always donate your new product or give it to a friend who is expecting!

The “Rock and Play” actually wasn’t even one of my favorite products. I use to put McKenzie in her Boppy Lounger or swing since she liked those better, but I did use it every once in awhile.

Some products I still need to get include some type of lounger that we can put the baby in when we’re outside or inside that I know she will be safe in (the boppy obviously doesn’t have a buckle to make sure the baby can’t escape). I’ve heard the BabyBjorn Bouncer is good so we might get that. I also need to determine if I need a double stroller or just a kick board for my current one. McKenzie is going to be 3 in June and hasn’t been in her stroller in quite some time. I was also going to get a new Halo Sleeper but luckily I had a friend who let me borrow hers since the baby won’t sleep in it very long anyway. Other then that, I have some things I want to get to finish decorating the nursery. I will share another post on the final products I ended up getting for the baby and I will add them to my amazon store as well! I will also do a post of the baby’s nursery once I have that complete!

Other then that we are just hanging in there hoping for the world to open back up again. Times are definitely interesting around here, but we are trying to be patient and enjoy our time as a family of 3! The pandemic has made me very aware of which items are actually essential and has encouraged me to work with what I have as much as I can. What are some of your “must have” baby items? Leave a comment here or on my instagram!


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