The key to our successful relationship.

As Brian headed off to work for the weekend yesterday, I couldn’t help but to feel grateful for the moments he is home. Luckily, his loop was local-ish this weekend so we were able to have some family time Friday and Saturday morning before his live events. For some reason, getting out and about with my family makes me stop and soak in the moments with them. I’m not sure why that is, maybe it’s because things get more hectic when we’re out having fun and you just kind of look at what a shitshow your life can be. It’s usually when we’re out living our life that I get all sad that Brian will have to leave for a few days.

When Brian and I first starting dating, he was already traveling every week. It’s safe to say I knew what I was getting myself into when our relationship evolved. In fact, when we first met Brian was mostly gone every Friday-Wednesday. WWE superstars are on the road often, and so much can change in their schedule at any given moment. I knew from the start if this was going to work, I had to be flexible. We would talk while he was traveling, but not that much since each night the guys would be driving or even flying to a new city. We always said good morning and goodnight. Even when Brian was at home, he would sleep most of the day. Before we had McKenzie his only responsibility when he was home was to go workout.

I would get so excited to see him each Wednesday.  That was our night for the most part, sometimes we would spend Wednesday and Thursday night together. He told me not to sleep with him early on in our relationship. I guess he knew the chase would keep him interested. So I didn’t.  We were a “normal” couple in the beginning. We’d go on a date each week, go our separate ways and miss each other, and then finally get back together the next week.  I remember not even a year into dating Brian told me he wanted to live together. I think that scared me. I was 23, was I ready to live with a guy? I told him I needed to live in the city for a year with a girlfriend before I moved in with him.  I had always wanted to live in the city. Let me tell you, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be especially when you’re 23 and making $45k a year.  We would still see each other a lot, I just always missed him when he was on the road. I think that was the key, we missed each other. I was never sick of him. Every time I was with him I learned more about him and loved him even more.  Eventually, I knew I was ready to live with him. How nice would it be to take more advantage of the moments he was home? I could go get a drink with friends and then come home to Brian.

I would say there were a handful of times before we lived together that we got in drunk arguments because I was jealous. Typical girl jealousy arguments where you pick a fight for more attention. It was stupid. Brian would rarely fight back with me which is why this only happen a handful of times. I realized I was the only one he wanted and the little time we had together just wasn’t even worth the argument.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I couldn’t agree more. I love it so much when Brian is home for more than 3 days. Especially now with McKenzie in our world, family time is so important to us. Another important factor in our relationship as I mentioned earlier is flexibility. I know that if we get invited to a Wedding, there is a 50% chance I will be going alone. And even if it looks like Brian has off, down to that week he can get booked and I can still be going alone. This is just the way it works. I prepare myself that Brian won’t be there so that I’m excited when he is. Of course, I get upset when I’m at a Wedding and couples are slow dancing. But I text Brian “wish you were here” or “they’re playing our song”. I move on an keep living my life and run to him when he gets home. I try and plan out our schedule at least a week or 2 ahead of time but, I’m pretty easy going when it comes to changes in the plan just because that is how our lives have been.

Obviously every relationship is different and will have it’s own challenges. I’ve only been married a little over 3 years, so I am no expert but, I don’t think marriage needs to be hard. Be flexible where you can, don’t live your live on a straight line, let it zig zag if it needs to. Miss each other, with enough love and trust this can only make your relationship stronger by making time for one another. Most importantly, appreciating what your significant other is doing while your apart will just leave less room for battles when you’re together.

Now that I’ve written this, I’m wondering if Brian even feels the same way. Maybe I will have him write an article to see if he agrees with me and see what he thinks makes our relationship work. I know he thinks I have become more “intense” and “crazy” since McKenzie but, I think he would agree that I’m pretty flexible. What do you guys think if the key to your relationship? Leave a comment on my instagram or write me in the contact section!

One thought on “The key to our successful relationship.

  1. I really enjoyed this! I am a huge fan of Brian as a pro wrestler! You have a really good thank you for writing these blogs you do a great job!


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