Finding out I was pregnant.

Finding out I was pregnant will forever be a moment I’ll never forget.  Brian and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 months before I finally received the “pregnant” symbol. It was October 9, 2016, our 1st Anniversary. I had already had 3 negative results and drank the weekend away for our anniversary celebration out East. That morning felt different. It was 6 AM and my breasts were tender AF. Bri was on the West Coast but I called him as soon as I saw I was pregnant. He didn’t answer (I make him turn his phone on silent cause ring tones drive me nuts). I texted him a picture and went back to sleep… counting the minutes until he came home so we could just live in this moment together. A lot of my life revolves around counting the minutes until Brian come home, things just feel more real when he is here. Fast forward to 12 hours after I peed on a stick, I called my older sister in Colorado beaming with joy. She was so happy for me as we cried together thinking of this little human joining our family.

Fast forward to 6 weeks, we decided to tell the future Grandparents. We put a big brother shirt on our dog Piper and they lost it. Mom’s were screaming, Dad’s were thrilled. It was the best feeling knowing I was going to give them a Grandchild… something my MIL asked me for on the reg. The next day I saw my friends at a Wedding and they totally knew. Me, not drinking? A designated driver? Who was I kidding? Everyone was so happy for us, but the real twist of the story was when we found out 4 of Brian’s friends wives were also pregnant and we were all due within 2 months of each other. I was so lucky to be pregnant with 4 of my friends. Gaining weight together, growing babies, sharing stories and cravings. I wasn’t in this alone and that made it easier. 

We decided not to find out the gender of our baby.  I knew I wanted to be surprised, and Brian wasn’t hard to convince. I think this made it easier not to stress about getting ready for the baby. Plus, it was fun to drive my friends nuts that I didn’t want to know.
On New Year’s Day 2017, I got my first kidney stone. That was.. fun? Brian and I were laying on the couch eating McDonald’s and I wasn’t hungover, but boy did I feel like I was. I kept getting up to pee but I didn’t have to. Then I was in pain. Crazy hardcore pain. I was sweating and then I was freezing rolling around my bed moaning. Brian didn’t know what to do. He kept coming in to check on me, bring me heat, take the heat away. It was so bad. I finally said we have to go to the hospital. I was terrified something was wrong with Baby Myers.  I screamed the whole way there.  I got to the front desk and started crying, “I’m pregnant and I have sharp pains right here. I feel like I have to pee but I don’t”. “Sounds like a kidney stone” the receptionist said. A weight lifted off my shoulders. I knew they ran in the family I just didn’t realize that was what it could be. 10 hours later we were on our way home and I called my Mom “oh yeah I had 27 kidney stone throughout my 3 pregnancies”. Cool Mom, thanks for this. 

From what I remember, the rest of my pregnancy was pretty smooth. If you ask my husband, he’d say I complained the whole time but I don’t think I did. I had bad acid reflux but it was manageable with Prilosec.  At the end of my pregnancy, I had really bad pressure in my pelvis which is apparently normal. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I spent sliding around my new house because I couldn’t pick my feet up. Hormones were flowing for sure, I would cry over anything really. One day I come home to Ants in my house. Brian was on the road and I lost it. I couldn’t bend over to clean them and called my mom “How am I going to raise a child alone half the time if I can’t even get rid of ants”. My Dad came over and solved the ant problem, he also solves any other problem I can’t seem to figure out. 

Brian assured me it would be fine, as always.  I tried to stay low key any time he was on the road as we waited for baby’s arrival!

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