Wrestlemania is the biggest event for WWE each year. They usually announce where the next mania will be held over a year in advance. While we love going to different destinations for Wrestlemania, it was pretty exciting to find if would be held in NY/NJ this year. That would mean more of Brian’s friends would be able to attend and I also had a feeling there would be a greater chance of Brian having a match.

There are a few events that occur during Mania week, so we asked Brian’s Mom and Dad to watch McKenzie for two nights. The first event Brian had was his live podcast. Brian and his tag team partner Matt have a Podcast called the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast where they talk about collecting wrestling figures. It’s actually quite entertaining to listen to (you can also hear about the craziness I put up with on the reg) but watching this live was on another level. It was so much fun and very entertaining to watch.

The next event I went to with him was Hall of Fame. Since every wrestler, including Brian is tan AF I got a spray tan on Friday so I didn’t blend in with the walls with my translucent skin. I did a rapid tan at Beach bum, which is pretty awesome. You can shower after 2 hours of getting sprayed which was so much better then waiting 8 hours in filth. I got my hair and makeup done Saturday after I dropped McKenzie off at my mother in Law’s and then off I went to Brooklyn to meet Brian. I have mixed feelings about Hall of Fame since I’m not a huge wrestling junkie. It’s fun to dress up and see the other wives and wrestlers, I also enjoy hearing the speeches of what some wrestlers overcome and their support system they have to get them where they are. However, that shit is so long. So I’m usually over it after an hour.

During the Hart Foundation speech, a loonatic fan came through the crowd and attacked Bret Hart and Nattie. My heart was literally racing because we had no idea what was happening. At first you think it’s a wrestling event, so run ins could happen? But then I looked at Brian and he looked terrified so then I was terrified and squeezed his hand to death. I was so scared for Nattie and her Uncle but also was thinking what else is going to happen? So many wrestlers started to run after this crazy fan and he was escorted out. Somehow, Nattie and Bret were able to continue their speech after that which was really amazing, I don’t think I would have been able to do that so I was really proud of her.

The next day was Wrestlemania! First, I went to Axxess with Brian where he took photos with fans non stop for 2 hours. I love watching fans interact with him and how happy they are for him. I roamed around Axxess a bit as well but it was very entertaining to watch the photo session. Once that wrapped up we left for Wrestlemanina. Brian had found out earlier that week that he was going to have a match for the tag team titles. I was almost in tears that he even had this huge match. I had only watched him in a battle royal which involves over 20 guys so this was going to be amazing. He wouldn’t let himself get excited or tell anyone until the program was published that he was having a match.

Brian wanted to have myself and McKenzie backstage with him. She wasn’t even 2 so to expect her to sit in the crowd that long just wasn’t reasonable. We had my in laws watch her the night before while we went to Hall of Fame and then nap her before they bring her to us for Mania. When we met them around 3, I could tell McKenzie was still tired. I think she slept maybe an hour in the car on the way to the show, which isn’t terrible but it was no 3 hour nap like she gets in her crib. Brian’s match wasn’t until 7, so I knew this was going to be interesting. I let her roam around the hall ways back stage and then we mostly hung out in catering. McKenzie loves to eat so catering was a big hit. Brian wasn’t able to spend too much time with us, but we did take her out to the ring to take a picture before which was so cute.

Since we were back stage, one of the employees was going to find me before the match so they could escort Kenzie and I to front row. The closer it got to 6:30, the more irritable McKenzie was getting. She didn’t want to sit on my lap, she obviously wanted to keep roaming the halls. It gets so hectic back stage especially when the show starts. There are golf carts going back and forth getting people to where they need to go, they don’t need to worry about hitting a toddler with one. I forgot to mention, Brian has a dress made for McKenzie to match his gear. The dress was so adorable, but it was made by a guy who makes ring gear and not little girl clothes. The moment I saw it I KNEW it was not going to fit over her head. I literally kept her in her outfit until 6:15 because I was a. worried she would spill something on it and b. worried it wasn’t going to fit. I was right, it didn’t go over her head. I now had to cut the neck of a $200 dress filled with sequins(and didn’t have a zipper) minutes before Brian’s match.

I found a scissor from some nice man in the hall and cut the dress. Of course at this point McKenzie didn’t even want to be touched. I bribed her with cookies and baby shark to sit still so I could get the dress on her. Why is it that I know I shouldn’t let my kid rule me, but sometimes it’s just easier than to have a tantrum go down? I’m sweating at this point, but I knew Brian wanted to see his daughter ringside in this damn dress. I was going to make it happen. You can see McKenzie’s pink dress under the green one. I was not going to risk taking her pink dress off and then her not having a clothes on at all when we went to watch Brian’s match. These are actual thoughts that went through my head.

They bring us out to the front row and McKenzie just seemed so excited but also overwhelmed. Granted there are tens of thousands of people around us, it can be a bit intimidating. It felt like 30 minutes that we were waiting for the match to start, but I really think it was like 6 minutes. She started to lose patience and tried to run away from me, then crawled around on the floor and basically anything else you can think of. The entrance music started and it was so unreal to see Brian come out. I’ve never experienced a moment like that before, I had the chills and I was holding out baby girl who would get to watch her Dad perform in front of all these people. Anytime Brian wasn’t in the ring or she couldn’t see him, she was not happy. And anytime I tried to stand I would get asked to sit, but we made it work. Finally, all the “stressful” moments I had were worth it.

We were so excited when Brian and Matt won. I was sitting with Matt’s family in the front row and we were jumping up and down! I even cried a little. I just felt so proud of my husband, he really works very hard but manages to stay patient and humble through all of the ups and downs. Needless to say it was quite that day, but overall it was one of the best memories we have shared.

This dive you see is basically what McKenzie did to me all day. I swear the next morning my arms were burning from holding her tight all day. So unreal but also hilarious. Sleep tight little one.

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