I’m going to be an Aunt!

My sister and I are 3 years apart. We have been through many phases of our relationship growing up, but she was always super protective of me. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister. She was always the first to worry about me, be proud of me, be disappointed in me, and most importantly always support me. When I found out my sister was pregnant, our roles finally reversed.

Not only am I going to be an Aunt to one baby girl, but two precious baby girls! I feel like I have been missing out on something as almost all of by best friends are Aunts, but I will finally get to be one too! When I told me sister I was in labor, she literally booked the next flight home to be there for the birth of her niece. I expect to do the same. See, my sister moved away to Denver, CO about 9 years ago when I graduated college. She was over the NY scene, and wanted more out of life. That’s where she met Brittani, my now Sister In Law! They eloped in July of 2017, just the 2 of them alone overlooking the mountains. I had just had McKenzie in June and they wanted to do this themselves in a more intimate setting. We didn’t throw them a Bridal shower, it felt unusual to do since they weren’t having anyone at the wedding.

So I never got to be a Maid of Honor, or throw a Bridal Shower, or a Bachelorette party the way my sister did for me. So when I found out they were pregnant, I said OK, when can you guys come to NY so I can throw you a baby shower? They settled on Presidents Day weekend at some point in January. So, I didn’t have too much time to plan a shower but I knew I could get it done. My mom and I booked brunch at the Inn at NHP and from there Meg and Brit booked their flights. At the time, they didn’t know what gender the babies were, but they told me they wanted a Woodland themed nursery. I asked “are you sure if it’s girls you will still do that”? Had to get my 2 cents in there. But, they did. As I started to look on Pinterest, I realized I loved the idea. I was going to do a Woodland themed baby shower.

Since the girls live in Colorado, we weren’t going to do a traditional shower where we open gifts. I had added a cute poem to the invitation asking everyone to mail their gifts to the girls. Anything that I looked up online about having shower gifts mailed was quite comical. “You shouldn’t have a shower if you don’t want to open gifts”, “It’s rude to ask people to mail a gift”, or my favorite “If you’re having a shower then you should open gifts. If you need to travel then you should drive your gifts home”. So much for Google. Whatever, I needed to celebrate my sisters and my nieces, and I’m asking people to mail the gifts. I decided we would make the shower extra special so people wouldn’t have a hard time not seeing their gift being open.

I basically showed my Mom any idea I had since we were splitting the shower, but ultimately I just did what I thought was cute. Once we found out it was going to be twin girls, I was able to add some pink to the mix. I asked my sister’s best friend and her Mom for some help and ideas. We used woodland animals and phrases for the table assignments, they put together a really cute Holiday onesie line with matching bows, and I got these really cute rose gold TWINS balloons.

We also had a live band play to make the atmosphere more casual. We only had one game, find as many binkys as you can around the room. We gave out Starbuck’s giftcards to the guests who found the most. For favors, I ordered succulents from The Succulent source. This was alot of work, and very time consuming, but they looked really cute on the tables. I also ordered the moss runners on the tables from Joann, these matched the room and the theme perfectly. I picked up some pretty flowers for Trader Joes the day before and put them in cute vases my Mom got. This was also a bit time consuming but budget friendly! Lastly, I had my best friend make a gorgeous cake and we did a make your own trail-mix bar that came out really cute.

I think Meg & Brittani had a great time at their baby shower, it was totally their style and I’m sure it was really nice for them to see everyone in New York before the babies come. Meg is about 33 weeks pregnant, at this point we are just waiting for her delivery date of 5/24 or if she goes into labor earlier we will head out to Colorado to hopefully be there for the birth! For the most part my sister has had a great pregnancy, so now we just wait for these princesses to join us!
Leave me a comment on instagram if you threw a cute baby shower for someone you know! What did you think of me asking people to send gifts to Colorado?

One thought on “I’m going to be an Aunt!

  1. First of all, congrats to you and your sister!!! How exciting!!! My sister had twin girls and it’s so much fun! Second, I think it’s totally okay to ask people to mail gifts. I live far away from most of my friends and family (born in Chicago, lived in Nashville for a while, spent 5 years in Spain… I have friends all over!), so we did a “mail in” type shower. And for my bridal shower (since I was living in Spain at the time) we just asked for money. We were not going to try to get a ton of gifts onto the plane! Either way, it looks like the shower was super cute and a huge success! Love the decorations!


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